The Prime Objective Of Simcity Buildit Is To Expand Keep People Happy


When you play Simcity Buildit you will find that the prime objective of the game is to expand your city and progress along with it. There are many systems for progression control that are tied to the various levels that you will have to play. It may appear to you that they are a burden when you look at it from the systematical perspective, but they actually are your challenges and tasks that you need to overcome so that you can reach to your goal. So, you cannot just simply avoid the challenges that are spaced evenly all along the game.

To progress in the Simcity Buildit game you build your population in the city as more population will generate more revenue. You must meet the demand of the population to keep the happiness index high at all times so that they pay taxes. You can increase populations in your city by building more houses which will in turn increase the service cost and utility. Build some key buildings like parks and other entertainment structures to boost up the population in your existing buildings. You can also upgrade the residential buildings as well as the roads to keep the happiness index of your population high.

You will need a considerable amount of soft currency as it is the most important part for the progression and upgrading the residential houses. You can expand the city and meet the demands of your population but you will need soft currency to do so. The simplest way to increase your currency is to sell your products in the Trade Depot or via random deals. You can upgrade the utility buildings such as water, sewage and power service to get more revenues as taxes. Easiest way to generate currency is to use the Simcity hack to get unlimited Simoleons and Sim cash.

The rewards that you get in Simcity Buildit depend on the level and number of upgrades made and therefore is very fluctuating. The features of the random soft currency rewards are: The rewards are always within a certain range which results in the fluctuation of it with each upgrades made. The average amount of the soft currency rewards earned increases with each level along with the minimum and maximum value to determine the amount. When you randomize the rewards then the game becomes less predictable and the overall feeling of progress is smoother as compared with the fixed rate of rewards for each level.

The amount of soft currency generated in Simcity Buildit is dependent on two factors which are namely, the size of the population and the level of happiness of the population. The population size is scaled by a certain multiplier to determine the happiness levels which further determines the tax bracket. While the level of income decreases with the increase in the number of people in the city, the cost of each population added remains the same. Though it does not create a disastrous impact on the tax system initially, it can reduce your income in the long run. So, expand but keep your people happy at the same time.


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